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Sandy Hook commission to resume hearings Friday, focus on mental health


The Sandy Hook advisory commission has been meeting weekly since January with the goal of trying to figure out what our state needs to do to make sure what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School never happens again. 

Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson was selected to lead the group.

"Personally there are things in life that you cannot unsee and we're going to see those things that you can't unsee, and I'm not looking forward to seeing that," Jackson said Thursday.

The commission has primarily focused on guns.  They plan to tackle mental health when they resume their hearings Friday. 

Jackson says the most aggressive recommendation so far is to describe guns by what they can do, not just by their physical form.

The commission wants to ban all guns that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammo meaning some registered gun owners right now would have to give up guns they have even though they aren't per se in the assault rifle category.

"Lets not make this about issues about guns, lets make this an issue about making our schools and community safer. What are you willing to do?" Jackson asked. "There is a significant question which I asked myself.  Do all of us have culpability in what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and my response is ... that we do."

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