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Wallingford residents say town ignoring pleas to fix road


Some residents in Wallingford said their pleas to have a road fixed have been ignored, and now the homeowners are signing a petition to have a steep embankment around a bend cut back. But town officials are saying it's not their responsibility.

"I think it's a matter of time before someone will actually get hurt, or even killed coming around the corner," said homeowner Brian Milewski.

He and his wife have lived on the property next to the corner on Chimney Hill Road for nearly 15 years, and they said more needs to be done to make the turn safer for motorists.

"We're not just one voice," he said, "But, there are 27 other voices in this also."

Milewski said he went so far as to have his neighbors, who also have to navigate around the embankment sign the petition to the town to scale it back.

"They're all in favor of getting this corner corrected and straightened out," Milewski said. "They have a vested interest in it also living beyond our house."

But the town said it's not their responsibility and they did scale it back when the road was improved in 2003.

"The solution is basically if the homeowner wants to take it back further, it would be on his property and simply hire a contractor to remove the trees and slope it back to where you want it," said Wallingford Public Works Director Henry McCully.

Wallingford police report three crashes near the intersection within the past two years. McCully said the sight lines for the intersection meet regulations, and they aren't responsible beyond that.

"We don't regulate sight distances from private driveways," McCully said. "Otherwise we would be cutting down trees all over the town of Wallingford."

McCully said further scaling back the embankment would be a big job involving hiring civil engineers and shutting down the roadway, but Milewski said he doesn't think the $25,000 price tag should be an issue for the town to do what he believes is right.

"To me," he said. "I think that's a very small price to pay for someone's life, actually."

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