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Officials warn about pornographic video shared on Facebook


Parents are being warned about a virus making its way through Facebook that looks like a video link from a friend, but once it's clicked on, child porn appears.

Now, several school districts are sending letters out to parents warning them of what's happening and to be vigilant.

The video appears to involve a young child and is so disturbing that as soon as some people saw it, they contacted their local police departments.

In Farmington, the school superintendent sent home a letter to parents Monday warning them of the video.

"It's very disturbing," said Farmington Superintendent Kathy Greider. "We wanted to get communication out to our parents immediately so they could talk to their sons and daughters about this."

At first, it looks harmless, making it even more dangerous. It appears as a message from a friend that wants to share a video clip. But, if you click on it, the pornographic video shows up.

Once the video is opened, it's too late to stop it from spreading.

It automatically sends it to the user's Facebook friends.

"Facebook has been riddled with viruses forever, and so we pretty much tell him not to click on links on Facebook or anything else," said parent Karl Caslowitz.

Superintendents and police departments in neighboring areas including Avon, Simsbury, Rocky Hill and Hartford have also sent out similar letters.

"Although your child may not attend FHS, other students or siblings in the area may have Facebook accounts that could be affected, and we wanted to alert you of this situation immediately," said Avon Superintendent of Schools Gary S. Mala.

There are also reports that the video is showing up in New Britain and Enfield.

Anyone that receives the link is asked not to click on it, but to call your local police department.

The virus is quickly spreading across the country, and officials said now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved.

People can also email the FBI at

On Tuesday, Attorney General George Jepsen said he has contacted Facebook about the video and said the FBI is aware of the matter.

"I have asked Facebook for a report on its efforts to remove the video and have been told that it has taken the necessary steps to remove this video from its site," Jepsen said in a statement Tuesday. "Facebook should be diligent in that regard. Facebook has advised that, contrary to some reports, the video is not a virus, but is being spread through views and shares."

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