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State lawmakers consider bill to restrict workers pay


A new bill making its way through the Arizona state legislature would prevent cities and counties from telling businesses what they must pay their workers.

HB 2280 would stop Arizona municipalities from imposing their own "livable wage."

The bill would make it illegal for any Arizona city to impose a higher minimum wage than the state requires.

It would also prohibit any mandate on employee benefit including paid leave, meal breaks or rest periods.

Jen Newhouse works at the Wag 'N Wash in Phoenix.

Newhouse said that she doesn't think there should be any restrictions on the pay or benefits she might receive.

"It would be nice if it didn't cost that much to live somewhere like San Francisco," said Newhouse. "I know things cost a lot more. You should be able to make more."

One of the groups reportedly pushing the legislation is the Arizona Restaurant Association, which wants to ensure a level playing field for business owners across the state.

Concerns have been raised that costs would go up if a business had to provide different wages or benefits in different communities.

Sacks sandwich shop owner Cary Morrow isn't buying it.

He told CBS5 News that there's a definite advantage to paying his employees a better wage.. and said that state lawmakers should not get involved.

"Any time you have these intervention type moves you're taking the true market forces out of play here, which really doesn't help anyone," said Morrow.

The House has already approved HB 2280. It now requires a final Senate vote before being sent to the governor's desk.

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