Rally held to give driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants - WFSB 3 Connecticut

Hundreds attend rally to give driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants


The fight to make Connecticut a safe haven for undocumented workers has reached a new level as hundreds of supporters are on the steps of the state Capitol.

State Rep. Juan Candelaria has spearheaded the effort to get undocumented workers drivers licenses.

"It's about addressing the issue of public safety," she said.

Right now, all undocumented workers drive without licenses.

They might not know all the rules of the road and if they get into even the smallest accidents, the punishments can be very severe.

"Not having a drivers license can lead to that person being deported without a felony conviction and we've seen an increase in those particular cases," Candelaria said.

So to prevent that, Candelaria is asking the 54,000 to 75,000 undocumented workers in Connecticut to register with the state.

"There's certain categories they have to meet," he said. "Be an individual who lives in state of Connecticut for at least a year and provide documentation of that. The second is they have to provide documentation."

That documentation Candelaria is asking for could be as simple as a consulate ID or passport.

Opponents told Eyewitness News those privileges shouldn't be offered to those who are here illegally.

"I would support them being protected by the Constitution as any other person would be," said Dave Godbout, of East Lyme. "But to go beyond that, I would be opposed to."

The measure is expected to be voted on late this month or in May and if it passes, Connecticut would be the fifth state in the nation to offer licenses to undocumented workers.

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