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Victim's family feels they'll never receive justice after accused killer's death


A metro family feels they'll never truly receive justice.

Derek Richardson was accused of killing two women. He tried to take his own life Sunday and died from his injuries Thursday.

Prosecutors said Richardson confessed to picking up and killing two women who worked as prostitutes - 40-year-old Tamara Sparks in 2011 and 23-year-old Nicoleone Reed last year. They said he strangled them both, doused their bodies with bleach and left them on the side of the road.

Now Richardson is dead.

To some that might seem like justice, but Nicoleone Reed's brother told KCTV5 by phone Friday that, to him it all comes down to choice.

"My sister didn't die by her own hand, Tamara didn't die by her own hand, you know, somebody took her life. They didn't have a choice," Nick Reed said.

And this week, Richardson made his choice. He was caught trying to take his own life at the Clay County Jail on Sunday. Deputies tried to save him and rushed him to the hospital, but he died Friday, pushing closure further out of reach again for Nicoleone Reed's family.

"It really just brought me back down to point A, and trying to figure out why," Nick Reed said.

He is angry that Richardson won't be here to answer his questions, and to answer to the court, to face justice.

"I wanted to see him in the flesh so I could see the guy, I could look him in the eyes," Nick Reed said. "Now I can't tell him how I feel and how it affected me and my family. I can't tell him what he took from me. He took my sister, he took my friend."

Investigators said Richardson targeted his alleged victims because they were prostitutes. They say he was "infatuated with serial killers," and that he planned to kill again.

An unusual canvas-style Croc shoe found at one of the murder scenes led to his arrest, authorities said.

Now Nicoleone Reed's family said the one thing they'll take solace in is knowing the man can't have any more victims.

"That one guy is gone forever and he won't ever be able to do this to somebody else's family," Nick Reed said.

Medical personnel needed to complete their organ donor procedure before they released his body to the Jackson County Medical Examiner.

Clay County investigators said they're still trying to figure out what happened and are waiting for results from the medical examiner. KCTV5's Alice Barr tried reaching jail administrators Friday to find out what kind of supervision Richardson may have been under, but her calls were not returned.

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