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Washington Road IHOP workers react to closing

For more than three decades the IHOP on Washington Road has served Masters patrons with good food and good service. However, shortly after this Masters Week, they will close their doors for good, 

The crew is disappointed but they are thankful for all the Masters memories they have made over the years.

Tashia Bussey, a server and team leader at the IHOP on Washington Road, said she will never forget her first day at IHOP.

Bussey, an employee for three years, said she will miss being at the location because of the relationships she has been able to developed.

"I've seen some of the same people my last three masters working here and it's always a pleasure," said Bussey. "They remember you and you remember them and you always give them outstanding service because that's what's going to bring them back."  

Augusta National owns the building which the owners have been renting from and will not renew IHOP's lease. Although the IHOP won't be closed until the end of the month, workers said Masters business had been slower than usual because of cones at the entrance of the parking lot, set up by Augusta National."

"This year I'm disappointed because they haven't been coming in like they used to," said Doris McGhee, a cook and server at IHOP on Washington Road.

These IHOP employees will work at other locations in the CSRA area but the one on Washington Road will always be special to some.

"You can just have a great time," said Joeann Taylor, an IHOP server.  "You can laugh and just feel real good about it because it's not a real big, big restaurant. It's a small environment where everybody can just be together."

The employees said they hope their Masters visitors come see them at their other locations next year.