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Neighbors to Bradley Airport to speak out about noise problems


The Connecticut Department of Transportation is preparing to update the Noise Exposure Maps for the areas surrounding Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks.

The maps were last updated as part of the Federal Aviation Regulations Noise Study for BDL in late 2003.

A public informational meeting is scheduled to be held Thursday at Windsor Locks High School at 7 p.m. to review the updates maps.

According to DOT officials, the NEM update for the airport will re-evaluate the existing and future noise contours that is generated by ascending and descending aircraft at the airport, which is New England's second largest.

Based on the last maps, more than 600 homeowners outlined in purple were eligible. With the new maps, only 31 homeowners outlined in blue would now get help.

"All the windows rattle when they come over and there is so much noise and disruption," said homeowner Robert Orlowski. "They should do something about it."

And there could be some good news if you're on the cusp, sometimes the FAA could decide to give you the funding.

Officials said the BDL-generated noise will be evaluated for both current noise conditions and what can be expected over the next five years.

The DOT said that during the study of noise in the area, the metric that's being used to determine land use compatibility is the Day-Night Average Noise Level.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it uses a DNL of 65 decibels as the threshold of compatibility for noise-sensitive land uses such as near homes, schools, places of worship and hospitals.

"The planes come over they make a lot of noise and disrupt when you're talking on the phone, family gathering," Orlowski said. "The cut off line is so close it's ridiculous and all we ask for is a little bit of help."

Previous airport environmental studies have determined that BDL generates off-airport noise that exceeds federal guidelines in those areas.

The new maps will be good until 2018 after they are approved by the FAA. 

Officials said the public is being encouraged to attend the meeting on Thursday evening.

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