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Chef Plum with Dessert Grilled Cheese

Chef Plum will be hosting the Gridiron Chef competition on April 23 in New York City!

VIP event with celebrities and NFL players will benefit Sandy Hook Promise!


Dessert Grilled Cheese!


2 slices of pound cake

2 tbls marscapone cheese

1.5 tbls sugar

1 teasp lemon zest

1 teaspoon bailys irish liquor

1/4 small diced apple skin on

1 tabls golden raisins

2 pats of butter

a little water


In a hot pan render the apples with the raisins 1/3 tbls sugar 1 butter pat. add water as moisture is needed, apples will brown and caramelize

While the Apple renders, mix 3/4 of the marscapone (just eyeball it) cheese with 1/3 of the sugar and lemon zest until well incorporated

Now mix the bailys with the last 1/3 of the sugar well.

Spread the cheese mixture not the baily's one on the pound-cake and brush the pieces like you would a grilled cheese with butter and add marks in a hot pan.

Cut in half and serve on top of the bailys cheese mixture and garnish with apple compote!