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Deadly intersection causes concern among residents


Residents living in Blumfield Township are worried that if something is not done about the corner of M-46 and Gera roads, more people may be seriously hurt or even killed.

"It's extremely frustrating being that I live and work here ... I see a lot of accidents," said Jason Reinbold. "Recently, way too many fatalities and critical accidents," he added.

Over the past several years, the Michigan Department of Transportation has done several things to help make the crossing safer for motorists.

"MDOT has been very responsive as far as listening to my comments, and they've suggested they do a study of this intersection," said Wesley Reinbold, the Blumfield Township supervisor.

Wesley said he's not sure why people seem to get into so many accidents there but did have one observation.

"The light going north to south is quite short," Wesley said. "That may be causing people to try and speed through to make the light."

Officials from MDOT did confirm they are conducting a study to determine what else can be done to ensure motorists are safer.

"All options are on the table. We are aware of the problem and we are doing whatever we can. We were just out at the intersection earlier today," said Jack Hofweber, manager of MDOT Bay region.

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