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Owner of dogs in Hamden attack wants them back


After a vicious dog attack in October, the owner of the two Rottweilers involved wants her pets back before they're put to sleep, but the victim told Eyewitness News that should not happen.

About seven months ago, Cynthia Reed, 47, was in her second-floor apartment on 440 Shelton Ave. when she heard the screams of her granddaughter and rushed outside.

Two Rottweilers had escaped from their yard at a home on Edwards Street and were attacking the 6-year-old girl, police said.

The granddaughter was not seriously hurt. However, the two Rottweilers attacked Reed. She suffered non-life-threatening injuries to the head and back.

As she was being dragged and bitten by the Rottweilers, Kenneth Lewis and Curtis Watkins came outside with baseball bats. The two men hit the dogs repeatedly with the bats until they released Reed.

On Monday, the Rottweilers remained in possession of the Animal Control officer.

"It has been an absolute nightmare for them to be away from me this long," said the dogs' owner, Kim Miller. "To know they are in a cage like they are. They're not being maintained. They're not being touched. It's awful."

Miller told Eyewitness News she chased after the dogs and said the Rottweilers were defending themselves as they were being hit with bats.

"They were completely and totally scared," said Miller, who insists that she locked the gate at 3 p.m. The dogs did not out of the yard until 6 p.m.

"So it looked like the perfect opportunity for someone to come in and take advantage," Miller said.

Miller was charged with four counts of animal nuisance and two counts of allowing a dog to roam.

She told Eyewitness News she thinks the dogs were provoked. Now she has a lawyer and hired a dog expert to look at the dogs' temperament.

"Our independent expert actually works with some police K-9 teams and says this was a provoked attack and that for these dogs to attack like this was a reasonable response," said Joseph Blyskal, who is the attorney for Miller.

Miller provided Eyewitness News with photos of the veterinarian tech hugging and petting the Rottweilers.

Miller told Eyewitness News she wants to work with the town but said they haven't been cooperative. She said they asked her to move or give up ownership of the dogs.

"We recently asked the town of Hamden to release the evidence that they think is going to show these dogs are dangerous or the dogs themselves to us, and for whatever reason they have refused to do so," Blyskal said.

Reed showed Eyewitness News her scars and said she feels the dogs should not be returned.

"They don't deserve the life they are living now," Reed said. "I didn't get them to give them that type of life."

Blyskal said he is trying to schedule a hearing for next month.

Eyewitness News tried calling Animal Control, but they didn't return our calls.

A Facebook page has been set up in support to get the dogs back. It can be accessed by clicking the following link

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