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Woodworker focuses on building model boats


A woodworker, who has built boats from three to 30 feet, and for the last few years has started concentrating on his models.

"Models are so much easier...I don't have to carry big wood...and I don't have to carry anything that's huge," said woodworker Bill Stevens. "And it's all small stuff and I can put it together myself.

Stevens's models are marvelous and marvels of attention to detail. For example, the working water jets on one of his New York central tug.

"I enjoy the tugs," Stevens said.

The models are functional to a degree. They have motors and in some cases, even belch smoke.

"The smoke comes out like the old steamers," Stevens said.

Stevens said he works from blueprints or offsets, but in some cases there are no drawing, like the model he made of the ship he served on in the Navy.

"All I had was one picture and [created the design] out of memory because I knew the length," Stevens said. "I knew the beam of it basically and I knew about the draft.

When he can, he'll go aboard the boat he's planning to build and begin his plans.

"I'll take maybe 100 pictures and 150 measurements," Stevens said. "And then I make my own drawings and I scale it to that.

Some models take months or more to complete. Stevens said when you love what you do, the time it takes to do it isn't an issue.

"I really get involved, that's my problem," he said. "And it's like six in the morning until six or seven at night, seven days a week."

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