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BV school workers may have picked up last check


For the fourth straight day, Buena Vista schools are closed and workers in the district may have picked up their last paycheck for quite some time.

The district is still searching for a resolution to the crisis, but that's not stopping some activities from taking place through the school.

Meanwhile, Buena Vista workers wonder when their next payday will be.

Friday, school officials said they are optimistic that something is going to happen soon. But Friday was payday for some of the school district's employees and some said they didn't know when or if they would be getting another check anytime soon.

Teachers, cooks, maintenance and clerical workers were all laid off Monday. The school district said it was broke and couldn't pay them.

Even though the doors to all of the schools are locked, WNEM has learned that sporting events are still happening.

Even though they're not being paid, that's not stopping many coaches, bus drivers and even the athletic director from volunteering their own time to help out.

School district employees said they didn't know when, if ever, they were going to get another check and they said they hope this financial crisis comes to an end soon.

WNEM spoke with intermediate school district officials Friday and they said that it's getting late to get kids back in the classroom by Monday.

As the lockout in Buena Vista continues, many are wondering what options are available for the students to get back into school.

One of the talked about options is home schooling.

According to the state, any parent or guardian can home-school their child and registering is not required.

But parents must teach specific courses including math, reading and English.

WNEM will continue to follow this developing story and will provide updates as new information is learned.

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