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9/11 survivor reflects after spire installed on One World Trade Center tower


One World Trade Center reached its full height Friday as the final piece of the spire making it the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere was put into place.

For the people personally impacted on 9/11, the new building is a reminder of that horrible day, but also offers hope.

"The feeling doesn't go away," said John Sindel. "It's always there right below the surface."

Eyewitness News sat down with Sindel, who escaped from one of the World Trade Center Towers right after the first plane hit.

Sindel was on the 63rd floor of the north tower when the first plane hit. He ran quickly down the stairs and made it out. He said he was maybe 10 blocks away when the first tower collapsed.

As the final piece was added to the One World Trade Center, which made it 1,776 feet tall, he said he was proud, but also concerned.

"Nobody wants to think about it. I know there's people out there, there's a bulls-eye on it right now," Sindel said. "It worries you."

Sindel told Eyewitness he is taking his family to the site later this month. He said he wants them to know how bad it really was that day.

"They understand what happened, but the horror of it, I don't think they'll ever really get," he said. "But, I do know every time I see it. There is something that gets me right here (pointing to his heart)."

His daughter was 13 days old on Sept. 11, 2001. She's learned so much from her father, just by knowing she could have lost him before knowing him.

"It's a little nerve racking, someone you love so much going into a place that caused so much harm," said Samantha Sindel.

John Sindel's father, Fred Sindel, said he's also learned a lot over the years that have passed. But, it hasn't always been comforting.

"Terrorism is nasty," Fred Sindel said.

John Sindel said he wishes the new World Trade Center wasn't so close to where the other towers were.

However, he said he is thankful that the location of the old towers is now a place to go and reflect and remember all of the people who were killed that day.

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