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MADD believes proposal to lower legal limit will not work


Mothers Against Drunk Driving said they are not against a proposal to lower the blood-alcohol limit, they just don't think it will work.

A recommendation was made this week by the National Transportation Safety Board to lower the legal limit from .08 to .05.

The new changes would mean changes at the bar. A woman weighing less than 120 pounds can reach .05 after just one drink, while a man weighing around 160 pounds will reach it after two drinks.

MADD is not saying this is a bad idea, but it may not be something they see as achievable.

"We believe right now, we ought to maintain the .08 standard," MADD said in a statement Wednesday. "We think the best way to save lives would be to continue to enforce existing laws."

MADD said its focused on high visibility enforcement and ignition interlocks, which are devices that are put in cars to stop repeat offenders from driving.

It took 20 years to get to .08 on a national level and getting it to an even lower level would not be an easy task.

"They should lower it regardless if you are drinking and driving that's not a good thing," said Brian Roper of Hartford. "It's dangerous for them on the roads and everyone else."

Some European countries that have adopted the .05 limit and have had some success. Drunk driving death have dropped by more than half.

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