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Plymouth residents fed up with blighted home


Plymouth residents have turned to Channel 3 Eyewitness News for help dealing with a property that has fallen into disrepair.

They said they have been trying to get someone to clean up the abandoned property that has been in foreclosure for several years.

The home at home at 4 Mountain Terr. hasn't always looked that lousy. But in August 2009, the home was foreclosed on and has been sitting empty ever since. Unsurprisingly, the property went downhill.

Paint is peeling and windows that were once boarded-up are now wide open. The trees and grass are overgrown and according to neighbor Jessica Norton, the house is home to hornet nests and feral cats.

"After they left, no one came back to do anything," Norton said, adding that the only work done on the home was the placement of a blue tarp on the roof.

That tarp is now gone - ripped off by Superstorm Sandy. All that's left are a few tattered and frayed fragments.

Outside there is rotting wood and through a window you can see mold and dirt along with graffiti on the walls.

"I think the greater concern is that a lot of the neighborhood children come here to play," Norton said. "I've caught them inside, I've caught them on the roof before. It's not a stable house and I feel as though it's only a matter of time. God forbid they fall, it collapses or something happens."

Norton said the abandoned home is even bringing down property values in the lakefront neighborhood, but for years no one did anything.

"When I contacted the city, no one has really been able to get me an answer," Norton said. "What they told me was that they didn't actually know who owned the home."

After watching the home fall into disrepair over the past four to five years and getting nowhere with the town, Norton reached out to WFSB for help.

"I didn't know who else to turn to," she said.

So we went to Town Hall to get some answers.

Tim Scheidel is the mayor's administrative assistant. He said someone actually filed a formal complaint with the town's code enforcement committee just this week. While the former owner is still listed on town records, he's been gone for years.

Several banks are involved in the foreclosure process and one is currently paying the taxes.

"The Fire Marshal, Building Inspector and person with the Torrington Area Health District will try to get a hold of the bank, but also see if there's something they can do right away," Scheidel said. "We've done that in a couple of cases."

"They'll see some progress there," Scheidel said. "It may take a week or so, but you'll see some progress."

And after living next to the home for years, that's all neighbors want.

"I can understand the complex nature of foreclosed homes, but this is long enough," Norton said. "Somebody has to do something."

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