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Room at school allows students to take break from stress


What started as a Girl Scouts project has turned into a life-changing learning experience for a group of students.

The scout, Brooke Harden, was looking to finish up a gold award for the organization.

With that in mind, she developed a special room that gives children who become overwhelmed a place to relax.

Called a sensory room, it's located at Hunters Bend Elementary in Williamson County.

The children can spend time reading a book, jumping on a trampoline and even play with shaving cream.

It's an opportunity for the students to also refresh their brain if things get too stressful.

After a few minutes, they can then go back to class and rejoin their fellow students.

Harden said the response has been overwhelming.

"Seeing people put to use what your hard work has done is the best thing. It's the best feeling in the world, and I'm glad to get to help kids," said Harden.

She spent months fundraising and gathering supplies for the room. One of the school's teachers said the project has made a positive impact on students.

"We've seen a decrease in behavioral outburst. If they get anxious or are a having bad moment, it gives them a chance to take a minute to recharge and go back to their task," said student support teacher Francine Pivacco-Nunez.

Students can visit the room as often as they need, and faculty said it has become of great use for both special education and general education students.

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