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Wallingford police warn residents of college students going door-to-door


Wallingford police are looking into three college-aged girls who are going door-to-door looking to make more than just a sale; they're looking for a place to stay.

Neighbors from East Side Drive, Meadow Street and Jennifer Lane have all reported women were driving up in a car with New York license plates and then going door to door making a pitch.

"I would find it to be strange and frightening to have students come to the door," said Joanne Bean, of Wallingford.

Police said they have reason to believe the girls are from Quinn University. They may be on summer break and truly may need a place to stay, investigators added.

However, Police also said they can't say for sure if this isn't just a ploy to get into their homes.

According to police, they were trying to sell educational materials, while also asking the homeowner, if they could stay with them. Each time, they ask, "Are you the mom of the house?"

"When you talk about two different things at the same time to a brand new person that you don't know to a homeowner on a street that you're not from, people get a little suspicious," said town Councilor Jason Zandri.

Wallingford residents told Eyewitness News they are alarmed by the incident and has prompted a police investigation as well as a town-wide alert on one councilor's blog.

"I would rather get the information out there, let everybody be aware of it, and maybe blow it out of proportion than have a situation that I knew about but we didn't tell anybody and find out later some other neighbor had an unfortunate situation," Zandri said.

For now, police have dropped the investigation because nothing points to the girls being a threat and worried homeowners are hoping that's the case.

"It very well may have been an innocent situation with a couple of students acting peculiar about what it was they were doing and to be honest, that's the outcome you're hoping for," Zandri said.

After the police were called, they haven't had to respond to any additional reports, however they do advise if you do see something suspicious, don't hesitate to call at 203-294-2800.

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