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MTSU dorm assistant accused of videotaping female students in shower


MTSU police say they have gotten the man who was videotaping women in a dorm shower. The suspect had easy access to the campus dorm.

The spring semester is over at MTSU, but the few students who remain were shocked to hear women were being videotaped with a cell phone while taking a shower in their dorm.

"If I had a sister or girlfriend who went here I would be highly upset because I feel she's not safe," said MTSU student Lawrence Summers.

It allegedly happened in a female's bathroom in Rutledge Hall, a coed dorm. Women are on the first two floors, men on the third. Two victims have come forward and a third is simply listed as Jane Doe in court documents.

One of the girls told campus police she went to take a shower around 11 one night when she heard someone in the next stall turn on the water. She looked up and saw a cell phone that was lit up on the dividing stalls. She waved her arms to try to tell if it was recording, according to an MTSU incident report. The student decided to move a few stalls down and then noticed someone grabbing the phone and the person started walking out. It was man. She yelled asking him what was he doing in the girl's bathroom?

"We advise students to always be aware of their surroundings, and to make sure that when they are in their dorms they are aware of what's going on," said Jimmy Hart, MTSU News and Media Relations. 

"Certainly, if they see any suspicious activity or suspicious people they should call campus police and have that checked out."

Cremaine Booker, 22, is the alleged suspect. He worked as a desk assistant at Rutledge Hall.

About two months after two of the victims reported to police what happened Booker was arrested here on campus on a sealed indictment for 10 counts of unlawful photography."

Knoxville resident Kierah Wheat is considering attending MTSU, but now she's having second thoughts.

"It kind of makes me wonder what could have been done to prevent it," Wheat said. "If it was that easy it's kind of frightening for me."

University officials said they are taking all the precautions to hoping to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

Channel 4 News spoke with one of the victims by phone, but she said police told her not to comment for fear of jeopardizing the case.

Booker couldn't be reached for comment.

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