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Taps to be played each evening in Bristol


The melody of taps, commonly played at military funerals, will be heard each evening across Memorial Boulevard in Bristol.

Al Cianchetti, 68, said he got the idea while thinking about what can be done to enhance the Veterans Memorial Park along the boulevard.

"Out of respect for all of the people, who served who are from Bristol, it's the least we can do," Cianchetti said.

There are currently about 200 soldiers from Bristol still serving in the military, Cianchetti said.

The sorrowful tune, which was first played during the early days of the Civil War, will allow the Bristol community to commemorate the local military men and women who died in battle to defend our country.

Cianchetti raised $2,000 to buy the equipment needed for the enhancement. The Bristol Press reported that he asked state Rep. Frank Nicastro, a former military trumpet player, if he would record a version of the tune.

Nicastro, who has performed taps close to 4,000 times, recorded a version at a Hartford studio, which will be transferred to play through a solar-powered, programmable music device reported the Bristol Press. The speakers were installed on poles near the Veterans Memorial Walkway.

Cianchetti told the Bristol Press that the sound will not carry far; however, it will still be loud enough to hear throughout the immediate area. The system is likely to be ready in a month, but no firm date has been set.

The tune, taps, was originally composed in 1862, according to the Arlington National Cemetery website. It is most famous for being used during military funerals in the United States.

Nicastro told the Bristol Press that even after playing the tune thousands of times, it still remains emotional for him.

The melody of taps will be a daily evening reminder to the Bristol community of those who have lost their lives to preserve America's freedom.

Taps lasts about 54 seconds and will be loud enough for anyone on Memorial Boulevard to hear. If all goes according to plan, it will be played in the evening around dinner time that didn't seem to bother anyone Eyewitness News spoke to. 

"We should do it to show some respect for vets," said one Bristol resident.

Cianchetti said this is all in line with city noise ordinances and if he has his way, he hopes to have this all set up and running in the next few months.

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