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Valley man angry after 2 buses break down, driver flips out


John Stoessel's trip to and from Las Vegas last week has totally changed the way he looks at Greyhound buses.

"This is my first and it will be my last time. I'm never ever taking a bus," Stoessel said.

He said his bus to Vegas broke down twice.

"Bus breaks down in Flagstaff, we made it to Kingman. After that, the bus broke down about 15 miles north of Kingman. We were stranded there for 4 1/2 hours."

The trip that was supposed to land him in Vegas just after 6 a.m. got him there at 2:30 that afternoon. Fourteen hours later, he was back on the bus home.

That bus made it to Cottonwood.

"That's when the bus broke down," Stoessel said.

He said he assumes it was a different bus, but this time he had triple the trouble.  He said the backup bus they sent to bring the travelers home had no air conditioning, and he recorded the bus driver saying this when Stoessel asked for the bus depot's address.

"I came to pick you up so don't start nothing with me," the driver said.

"I was appalled, I'm like are you serious? I mean, when she's yelling at me, I almost wanted to say, 'You know what? Look down and look what you're wearing. You have a job, you were paid to come pick us up. You're not doing us a favor, that's your job.'"

Stoessel has been calling the bus company ever since.  He wasn't able to get in touch of anyone until CBS 5 News started asking questions.  Greyhound officials said they'll refund his ticket and offered him another free one.  Stoessel said thanks, but no thanks.  A Greyhound spokesman said 64 of the other passengers have been given some kind of compensation for their trouble.

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