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New Haven man wants to park car on lawn during street sweeping, snow plowing


A New Haven homeowner wants to rework his yard so he can park his car on his property. The city recommended he be allowed to do it, but that's not sitting well with some of his neighbors, who don't want to see cars parked on front lawns. 

On Bishop Street, the yards were lined with trees and the streets were lined with parked cars Monday.

Trey Billings said he wants to have more options for parking his car, but he does not have room for a driveway.

"There are just some situations like street sweeping days, winter with lots of snow, we think it's safer for the city, safer for us to park off the street," Billings said.

After dealing with fines and expensive towing incidents, Billings said he pitched the idea of installing what's called grass pave.  A grass pave is basically a reinforced lawn where the grass still grows, but it holds up to the weight of a car.

"We would mow it. It would look like it does now," Billings said. "It would just have structure to support occasional parking."

Some neighbors, who said they love the Billings family, just don't like the idea of car parked on yards.

"The consistency of the design of the whole street and the urban planning aspect of it," said one neighbor when asked about their biggest concern with the grass pave.

One of the neighbors is a federal judge, so the Billings family jokes it may be a tough sell to city officials.

Eyewitness News tried to reach out to the federal judge for more on why she opposes the idea, but the station's calls were not returned.

So far, city officials said they have no problem with the grass pave, but they said they did hear from the federal judge and some other neighbors at a recent meeting about it.

"This is a street where you have street parking or your have garages or areas on the side," Billings said. "I could understand if we were putting down cement, that would be problematic."

Zoning officials are expected to make a decision in the near future.

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