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Drying Out For A Bit!

From Happy Hooves From Happy Hooves

These little piggies, along with the rest of us, are a little tired of seeking shelter from all the rain, lightning and gusty winds!  The good news is... we can enjoy a little less storminess through the rest of this week and into the weekend!

For the rest of the week we will be in a pretty nondescript weather pattern, meaning that we won't have a strong high or low pressure impacting us.   Therefore, it won't be completely sunny, but we shouldn't have widespread t-storms.  Each day we'll have the opportunity for a few diurnal (daytime heat driven) t-storms, but most areas will stay dry.  We'll keep rain chances at 20-30% through Sunday. 

Next week we'll get a bit hotter as an upper ridge builds in.  Thanks to all of you who sent storms pics and video!  It really helped us on Monday and Tuesday while covering storms!