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Kids learn self defense

In a self defense class held at Kensington Intermediate School in Rocky River, Cleveland kids are learning to fight back. The kids are learning valuable lessons in how to protect themselves from strangers and using other important safety tools.

"Stay back," screams one child with her arms out. "R.A.D. Kids" is an international program that educates kids and parents on how to use their knowledge, skills, and power to protect themselves from violence and harm. The week long 2-hour a day class is offered to children ages 5 to 12.

Don Hallowell is teaching the class and helps to make it child friendly and easy to understand. He said,  "We demonstrate what we want them to do. We explain what we want them to do. We really put it in a context that children can understand, and then they practice it with hands on drills."

The drills include knowing potential targets like someone's eyes, nose, and mouth. The class gives parents like Laura Whitkofski some peace of mind. Knowing her daughter Sarah is learning what to do if she's faced with danger or any other situation.

Laura said, "When push comes to shove she knows that it's ok to speak up for herself, to fight back, to make sure that she's not and easy target for someone."

The R.A.D Kids are getting the message loud and clear. They are prepared and know what to do no matter what the scenario.

Luke Hallowell, instructor Don's son, explained why he safe after being trained by the class, "Basically get away and not have to be scared of it. Where some kids if they're in that situation they won't know what to do and they'll get freaked out and just freeze."

Children in the program also learn about fire, dog safety, and much more. For more information go to

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