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Town to check residency of elementary school kids


A Connecticut town is asking for proof of residency from all of its elementary students.

Greenwich Board of Education plans to spend $25,000 to hire some people to verify that all students kindergarten to fifth grade are living where they say they are living.

There are 4,100 elementary students enrolled in Greenwich Public Schools.

"The issue right now is we're at 99 percent capacity," said Dana Rodriguez, whose daughter just graduated from kindergarten.

School officials said they believe some of their schools have students enrolled who either used to live in Greenwich, but stayed in their current school after moving or are using another person's address in order to attend school here.

Parents said it is difficult to tell someone that they can't go to school somewhere.

"If they are living somewhere that they are not just to get into the school, I get that, I understand," said mother Kristi Castellon. "They just want what is best for their child."

Proving where you live to get your child into public school in Greenwich is not something new. Right now parents have to do it when their child starts kindergarten, when they first move to the town and when their child goes from 8th grade into the high school.

The town will be verifying its elementary students' entire residency by next October.

The goal is to make sure they know exactly how many students should be in their classrooms, in order to make better decisions about school expansion or possibly redrawing school district lines.

Rodriguez said they already proved their residency for next year and they're using their neighborhood library to keep hitting the books, even during the summer.

"She wanted to come to the library today to pick out all of these books," Rodriguez said

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