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Couple letting coffee drinkers choose baby name

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A young couple needed help naming their first born child, so instead of going to family and friends, they put out the word to Starbucks customers.

Mark Dixon, 24, and Jennifer James, 25, are expecting parents. They usually agree on everything and they even have matching tattoos.

"'Forever' and when you flip it over it says 'always,'" Dixon said when showing Eyewitness News the tattoo.

The future mother and father of West Haven got it down to two names (Logan or Jackson), but they could not agree on a final name.

"It sounds silly, Jackson Dixon," James said. "Logan Dixon sounds better."

So instead of compromise, they turned to their favorite coffee shop for help.

"We were at the Starbucks on Chapel [Street] and they always vote for barista of the month."

They made a sign and put out a cup asking Starbucks customers to decide. Nearly 2,000 people chimed in and some were silly, including Barack Obama, Hulk Hogan and Latte.

Eyewitness News asked them about a wedding date and if Starbucks customers would be helping with that decision.

"I think we'll keep that decision to ourselves, maybe the honeymoon," James said.

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