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Vigil held 13 years after Molly Bish's disappearance


Thirteen years after Molly Bish was taken from her lifeguard post, her family is still holding out that they'll find her killer.

They held their annual vigil Thursday night on the Warren town common.

Songs, prayer and plenty of hugs - that's how the Bish family says they've gotten by these 13 years without Molly.

"We're happy that we have all these wonderful people to come stand by us again," said Molly's mother, Magi Bish.

Dozens lit candles, cried and sang the song The Promise Thursday night. Magi Bish says it's a message to her daughter that they'll never stop trying to find out what happened.

"That's our promise. We will never give up on helping her and finding out who did this. Thirteen years, we know what we knew from the very beginning when we stood here 13 years ago."

Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early has been working on the case for six years.

"You look at it, it's been 13 years but as you can see today the pain is the same, the pain is so real. We're trying to do everything we can to give them some closure in this," Early said.

He says evidence collected from the Florida home of convicted killer Rodney Stanger has been sent to three separate labs, and information continues to pour in.

"There isn't a week that goes by that we don't get new leads on the case, people provide us with information. Each little bit we get, often times it helps us connect some of the dots," Early said.

The Bish family hopes the results from the testing will come back soon. But they say until then, the promise is to keep fighting.

"There's maybe one bad man that did one bad thing, but there are a million wonderful people and that love outshines the bad," said Heather Bish, Molly's Bish's sister.

"Maybe we won't have to meet this way and we can celebrate her life in another way," Magi Bish said.

Evidence is currently being researched at a lab in Texas. The Bish family says they are holding out hope but at least they are supported by their loved ones during these 13 years since Molly's disappearance.

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