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Neighbors dealing with damage, debris following tornadoes


One week after three tornadoes touched down in Connecticut, residents continued to clean up even in the heat. 

On South Center Street in Windsor Locks, trees are still twisted, shorn off and thrown everywhere. Homeowners told Eyewitness News they found them in the driveway, on their fences, in the pool, all around their houses, but thankfully, not on them.

"It's a work in progress," said Jessica Spera of Windsor Locks. "It's gonna take awhile."

Spera told Eyewitness News the help she and her husband have seen from their family and friends over the past week has been amazing. Helpers removed the damaged fencing and cut back trees, which are down everywhere.

"How is my house still standing," Spera said. "Just the way it went and the way that the trees landed that there wasn't a giant hole in my house at the time."

Next door Eyewitness News found her neighbor, Sue Banning, cleaning up the brush where the fence once stood.

However, Banning said her garage took the brunt of the storm. It's going to have to come down.

"The wind must have went through and it blew the door," Banning said. "The bottom part is completely gone."

Banning said she was inside the house in the bathroom when the storm came through and the funnel cloud was spotted across Interstate 91, which is close to her home. 

The dome of the Sports World in East Windsor was torn off and tossed in the air during the tornado. It was seen floating above the I-91 and into oncoming traffic.

The panel that ended up on the highway is now sitting next to the field it used to cover.

The damage at Sports World remains untouched. The insurance company will be back this week to continue their work.

Sports World Manager Kathy Russotto said they are looking at everything.

"And just assessing what they need to do next to get back up and running for our busy winter season, which is the intention," she said.

Russotto rushed the Funtime summer campers into the building next door and out of the dome minutes before the tornado whisked it away.

She told Eyewitness News she's handling the stress of that day much better now a week later.

"Much calmer than I was last Monday and Tuesday," Russotto said. "I was able to step away and reflect and go, all right. Now we move on and keep it normal for the kids and it's time to put it past us."

The Speras told Eyewitness News they do have insurance, but said it's actually limited since none of those trees landed on top of the house. That's whey they've been using so much family help.

They and other residents here have until Sunday to use the town leaf dump to drop off debris.

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