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HD Foldaway Sunglasses prove to be a bright item

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - This time of year everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses! But sometimes sunglasses don't offer the very best of vision along with providing good UV protection from the sun's harmful rays. Now there's a product being advertised on television called 'HD Foldaways' sunglasses. They pitch their product as providing 'high definition' vision along with UV protection. This week I'm going to 'Try It Before You Buy It'.

I thought the best way to test our the new HD Foldaway sunglasses was to take them to 4th Street Live and let the public test them for me.

The first person I met was Radka. She agreed to put on the glasses and tell me what she thinks. After just a minute she told me she really liked them and thought the clarity of the HD Foldaways was great!

My next target was Sonja who just sat down at a table outside of one of 4th Street Live's diners. She agreed to test the sunglasses and immediately let me know, without hesitation, she thought they were no better than any other pair of sunglasses. When asked if she would pay the $15 to purchase them, she was quick to reply "no, I would not! Not unless I got a Big Mac or something along with them!" This was my first 'thumbs down' on the product.

My final tester was Scott. I found him playing his guitar and singing for tips at the corner of 4th Street and Liberty St. Scott was happy to see us, especially when I offered him the chance to test out the HD Foldaways! Scott was a kidder. He claimed that he recently lost his sight and that the HD Foldaways made it possible for him to see again! In all reality, he said they were very good! So good in fact, he came up with a song for us right on the spot. I let Scott keep the HD Foldaways since he had just recently lost his own sunglasses and it was after all, a very sunny day Downtown.

So, in the end I have to report that the HD Foldaway Sunglasses received two out of three thumbs up for being a good product for its $15 price tag.

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