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Hypnobirthing gaining in popularity


The Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is due to have her baby sometime this week, and some reports say she's using hypnobirthing during delivery.

Jill and John Marvin said they heard all the stories before their baby Julia was born.

"I know so many moms their first babies they have horror stories," Jill Marvin said. "They were scared and their husbands were scared and they had migraines from the epidural."

They said they wanted a more natural, calm experience, So they decided to take hypnobirthing classes for several weeks before the baby was born.

The goal is to use hypnotherapy to reduce pain and fear about giving birth.

Jill Marvin said she practiced breathing, reciting mantras.

John Marvin got prepared for exactly what the labor would look and feel like.

"I think it was a lot more mellow. We had the music on and the lights dim," he said. "We went through it together. Ten hours and she came out."

Jill Marvin even put together a soothing playlist for the labor.

Hypnobirthing is gaining in popularity, and Kate Middleton is reportedly going to use it giving birth naturally. It's based on the idea that pain during labor is because of fear and tension.

Barbara Fasulo, of the Center for Integrative Medicine at St. Francis Hospital, teaches Hypnobirthing classes.

"With hypnobirthing, instead of looking at this like this is going to be pain, how about looking at this like this is the best joy you're ever going to have and then your body will do it," she said.

Make no mistake - if a mother feels more comfortable with pain medication, that will be part of the plan. But for the Marvins, it was natural with no medication.

They said they felt in control and relaxed.

For more information about hypnobirthing classes, click here. Or you can call 1-860-714-4450.

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