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Mold found in Middletown schools


Mold was found in half a dozen schools, forcing city leaders to move summer camps on Tuesday.

Crews are working to clean up the mold, but parents are concerned if the classrooms will be safe when school starts again.

"It upsets me knowing I have three children going to that school now," said Carmen Imme, a Middletown parent.

One of the six schools infested with mold is Bielefield Elementary School.

"My son actually, we had to take him to the doctor, had the worst respiratory this year than any other year and he goes to Bielefield," said Mike Imme, a Middletown parent. "He was out for two weeks."

Mayor Dan Drew said that summer camps at Bielefield and Snow Elementary Schools were moved to other locations during the cleanup.

"In the last couple of months we've gotten so much rain, the water tables actually increased substantially," Drew said. "There's water seeping through some of the concrete, which is causing some of the mold problems."

The interim director of public works told Eyewitness News that she wants to move the kids again, but to a place that has playgrounds. The two locations the summer campers were moved to in the meantime, the high school and middle school, don't have the proper equipment for kids to be able to spend their summer days at camp.

She said she hopes to find alternate locations by Monday.

The schools affected by the mold are being cleaned. Some classrooms in Snow Elementary School had crews tear up the tile floor and put a dehumidifier in the rooms. This is just the start of the process.

"We will tear out some of the carpet, replace the carpet, put down new vinyl tile and seal it," said Drew. "So by the time the kids come back in the fall everything is going to be fine, remediated and sealed so the moisture doesn't seep into the floor anymore."

City officials said that they will hire experts to come and test the classrooms before the kids return at the end of August.

"I hope everything is cleaned up for the children, that's the number one thing," Mike Imme said. "They're there to educate our children and when we send our kids to school, I hope they're safe, physically and healthy."

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