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Flooding becoming a big issue in downtown Hartford


Several people were cleaning up Thursday after streets in Hartford experienced some flash flooding.

In the midst of Wednesday's storms, quick, but torrential rains left streets submerged. People, who live in the area, told Eyewitness News it's becoming a serious problem.

Eyewitness News found a maintenance manager working to clear a clogged storm drain, and move the mud out of motorists way.

"The drain got cluttered and every now and then the city I guess, is supposed to clean it to where no water would go," said maintenance manager R and G industries Minister James. "So it backed up. So I'm here to clean the drain up. Clean up all the dirt, and do this hard job here."

Eve Legros said she takes the bus each day, and the trek she told Eyewitness News can be treacherous. 

"It's not easy to get into the bus, and it was hard yesterday," Legros said.

The problem, according to locals, is what they are calling the mud lot, and every time it rains all the water pools up over in the corner of it. Then, it seeps out past the trench and flows like a river down to the corner.

Eyewitness News wanted to know who was responsible for the cleaning of those catch basins. Even though R and G industries, who leases the reportedly problematic parking lot, sent their own employee to clean up, they told Eyewitness News, it's the city's responsibility.

So Eyewitness News went to Hartford City Hall.

"I'm trying to get your questions answered," said Mirabel La Luz, who is a spokeswoman for the city of Hartford. "And the information you need I'm going to get back to you. I know you have a deadline."

Eyewitness News tried to talk to the department of public works, however they were unavailable.

The Metropolitan District Commission also talked with Eyewitness News. They said the city's responsible for the surface of the road and catch basins. If it's a combined sewer such as the ones on Garden and Mather streets, which flooded Wednesday, MDC officials must clean the catch basin.

MDC officials told Eyewitness News they inspected it recently, and found it covered with garbage, which is the city's responsibility. If it's a separated storm sewer like ones on Market and Trumbull streets, MDC officials said it's the city's job to clean it.

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