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Murfreesboro officials press dangers of swimming in river


Fire and rescue personnel in Murfreesboro are trying to prevent more tragedies after one person died and four others were rescued just since Sunday near a Stones River dam.

The recent heavy rains have turned a nearby pedestrian bridge into a hot spot for teenagers looking for a thrill.

While city officials say they can't technically prevent anyone from entering the water, they want to do everything they can to inform the public of the very real dangers.

"It's evident that the public needs to be more aware," said Ashley McDonald, spokeswoman for the Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Department.

Crews placed more warning signs near the greenway trailhead and even blocked access to the parking lot from which many people access the water.

They even recorded a public service announcement that will soon air on the local public access channel.

"It's just a shame those warnings aren't being listened to," McDonald.

The water receded a little bit on Thursday, and there were no swimmers or boaters in sight. Emergency responders hope it stays that way.

"As fast as the current is moving on top of the water, it could even be moving faster underneath the surface," McDonald said. "Really nobody needs to be swimming in these waters. It's very dangerous."

Officials say if you won't stay out of the water for your own safety, stay out for the safety of rescue crews. Two rescuers were injured during one of the incidents earlier this week.

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