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Weather conditions can bring greater chance for disease


The heat and humidity along with all the rain we had early in the summer is causing grass and plants to grow uncontrollably, but as it turns out, those conditions also bring with it the greater chance of disease.

June was wet and cool. There was enough rain to make it the second wettest June on record, and so far July has been hot and humid with temps soaring into the upper 90s.

It all adds up to the perfect storm.

Grass has been growing like crazy and brings with it a potential problem.

"Because of the humidity, the overnight temperatures are staying high, so they're well into the 70s, which isn't good for turf grass. That's where you'll see some disease form," said Mark Lombardo.

Lombardo is a horticulturist for the city of Waterbury.

"You're going to see anthrax on some of the impatiens, which happened last year," he said. "You'll see a brown patch and other turf diseases on your grass."

Thanks to this weather we're really at the mercy of Mother Nature, but when it comes to taking care of your lawn and plants, Lombardo said there's a few steps homeowners can take.

"[Homeowners] are going to want to let their grass grow a little bit higher," Lombardo said.

He said don't cut your grass so short; instead, keep it at three inches, mulch around your plants to keep in the moisture and when watering, do so in the morning. That way water isn't just sitting on top of your grass and plants overnight.

Lombardo said hopefully the weather will pass soon and cooler temperatures at night will help.

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