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York Co. construction company uses GPS to track down thieves


It's a nightmare that's come to an end thanks to modern technology used by Paramount Exteriors Owner Chris Davis.

In the past month, thieves swiped around $21,000 worth of roofing material from the Legacy Apartments complex currently being built in Fort Mill.

"It's very frustrating because I have mouths to feed and so does my partners and we're losing a lot of money on this job," said Davis.

Davis got fed up and decided to help his own cause by buying deer hunting cameras.

York County sheriff deputies say the camera caught several images of Earnest Bouchard and Jusheem Broadhead stealing supplies one night form the site, but the cameras didn't get a shot of their truck's tag.

That's when Davis bought a GPS tracking device.

"I put it in some material and three weeks go by and I'm at my house. Around 7:30, Bing! My phone starts going off. Boom! Boom! It's moving, it's moving," said Davis.

Davis and a York County Sheriff Deputy followed the signal which led them to another construction site in Fort Mill, where the two men were stealing more material.

"This is where Sgt. Clark and I pulled up. The truck was coming this way and we intercepted them and got them out," he said.

York County Sheriff Officials say as thieves get smarter, so are the people they're victimizing, who are now using technology to help put criminals behind bars.

"A lot of company that use metal and have metal stored in place, I've seen them put out cameras," said York County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Trent Faris.

Davis says he's relieved knowing the two thieves are off the streets.

"It's a huge sigh of relief. I can sleep at night now. I couldn't sleep at night knowing they could come back," said Davis.

Broadhead and Bouchard remain in the York County jail, Monday night.

Both men face two counts of grand larceny and criminal conspiracy charges.


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