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Homeowners still dealing with tornado damage


For some homeowners, the cleanup continued Monday after a tornado blew through multiple towns last week.

But for others, they can't do much as the damage has to sit until insurance adjusters come out to assess it.

Chopping wood has become all too common in parts of Tolland County after a tornado tore through Andover, Coventry and Mansfield Wednesday, knocking down plenty of trees and causing plenty of damage.

"Came outside and couldn't believe the damage," said Stacie Fluckiger, who is still dealing with the aftermath at her Coventry home. "There's a lot of the tiles from the roof came off so not sure if we need a new roof or not."

It's now a waiting game until Fluckiger hears what insurance agents have to say about the damage.

And she'll be waiting a while longer for that. It'll take seven days for someone to come out.

"Between the claims out in the west and with what happened here, they told up front, we are just backed up with them," Fluckiger said.

The wind was so strong it took down her fence and neighbors said they believe it blew out that way, ripping off shingles from that roof.

Over in Mansfield, the high winds split a barn in half.

Down the road, a tree fell on a home. It took out part of the top level and now a tarp lays on the roof.

In Andover, trees snapped around the cemetery at the First Congregational Church. Debris now lays in between some gravestones.

Many said they are just thinking all this mess can be cleaned up.

"Myself and my dogs are safe so very, very blessed," Fluckiger said.

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