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Prediabetes with Samantha Heller

Prediabetes with Samantha Heller:  When a person's blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be type 2 diabetes.


Symptoms may include;

Unusual thirst

Frequent urination


Slow healing cuts or bruises


Diagnosis is a simple blood test:

Fasting glucose levels

A1c- a measure of blood glucose over 2-3 months


People at risk:



Family history of diabetes

Low HDL cholesterol

High triglycerides


You can avoid or delay getting Type 2 diabetes with these simple steps:

150 minutes or more/week of exercise

Weight loss of 7% of body weight. For example: if you weigh 200 pounds losing 14 pounds can make a big difference

Decrease fat intake to 25% or less

Eat less red and processed meats

Choose whole grains such as whole wheat breads and pastas, brown rice

Eat more non-starchy vegetables

Avoid fast, junk foods

Limit sweets, desserts

Ditch the soda


YMCA has a prediabetes program that is available at various sites in CT including Griffin Hospital and YMCAs.

For information:  203-375-5844 ext. 32

*Covered by many insurances

*Financial aid available

$125 per year