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Wethersfield police place school manuals in cruisers


The Wethersfield Police Department is making their community a safer place.

The department will soon place response manuals for each public school in the district on every laptop that sits inside a police cruiser.

Although Wethersfield police started working on the critical incident response manual a few years ago, it was only available in limited hard copies in police supervisor's vehicles.

After the Newtown shooting, the department decided to load the plan onto mobile data terminals in every officer's cruiser.

"They're going to have some idea of what it's going to take, where the traffic posts are, where the perimeter posts are," said retired Lt. Thomas Dillon of the Wethersfield Police Department. "They'll have some familiarity."

The manuals include plans for every school in town, including the catholic elementary school and the magnet school. The plans consist of floor plans and evacuation points, in addition to overhead maps of neighborhoods, staging areas and emergency response lists with contact information for responding officers and school officials.

"If we can provide the police department with any type of information that allows them to set up command post, respond to an emergency as quickly as possible," said Wethersfield Superintendent Michael Emmett. "Then that's what we're looking for."

Wethersfield police told Eyewitness News that timing is important in those situations, so the ability for every officer to have this information readily available is important.

"In almost every one of those situations, you can imagine the chaos that occurs and the confusion," said Wethersfield Police Chief James Cetran. "If we can limit that we're going to save more lives."

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