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Recipe of the Week: Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

From Viewer: Trish 

Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

Here's what you need:

Get some KRAFT Singles (the best for grilled cheese making!) and a package of crescent rolls.


Here's what to do:

1. Unwrap your cheese slices and pop open your can of crescent rolls.

You'll use a half slice of cheese in each roll.

 2. Next, begin rolling up your dough with the cheese inside.

3. Put the rolls on a baking sheet and brush with melted butter. (optional, but yummy). You could also sprinkle with a little extra parmesan cheese, garlic powder/ salt, etc.

4. When they're all buttered up and ready to go, put them in the oven and bake as directed for the crescent rolls. (I baked them ~ for about 13 minutes)

5. Serve with some tomato soup and you're good to go!