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Bobcat spotted in Farmington


A bobcat sighting was caught on camera in Farmington, after the little kitten was found hiding beneath a car this week.

State officials said bobcat sightings are on the rise, however for one worker in Farmington, it was an uncommon encounter. 

The bobcat was found outside an office on Hyde Road Monday. One person was able to get a photo of the animal and send it to Eyewitness News.

"You could tell by the fur on the jaws," said Randy Knowles of New Britain. "It's not something I would go up and pet."

State officials told Eyewitness News it's the second time bobcat kittens were sighted in Farmington this week.

In Milford, residents recently reported seeing bobcats in their backyards.

Experts said they've noticed an increase in the number of sightings over the years, probably because of population increase. However, officials said bobcats aren't usually a threat to people.

Bobcats usually hunt and travel in areas, where there is thick brush. They're usually most active around dusk and dawn, and they're quite secretive.

"They usually flee rather than fight," said Chris Vann, who is a wildlife biologist for Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. "They are very smart creatures, so they normally shy away from people, but they do pose a risk to smaller pets."

As for the bobcat found in Farmington, he's a bit more troubling.

"The kitten by itself is somewhat concerning," Vann said. "You know, where's mama? We would expect she's in the area."

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