Scot, Kara joined by fitness expert Tyler English - WFSB 3 Connecticut

Scot, Kara joined by fitness expert Tyler English

Tyler English joined Scot and Kara on Better Connecticut and talked about Body Transformation Challenge, The 42-Day Summer Slim Down. Here is his letter to all of us:

Dear Exercise Enthusiast,

I've often stated that 90% of the people we work with want to lose body fat, yet 100% seek a body transformation.

Knowing this has allowed our team to work with a wide range of clientele. It has also allowed us to continue our series of Body Transformation Challenges with great success. So much so that it's the most commonly asked question among our clients, both past, present and future.

I'm proud to announce that we've opened up the doors to our newest Body Transformation Challenge, The 42-Day Summer Slim Down.

Whether you are a past, present or future client, this 6-Week Challenge is guaranteed to give each of you what you desire.

For our existing clients, it provides a tightening of their fitness game and an increase in accountability.

For past clients, it's a way to come back and work hard toward a common goal. Or maybe just give you that kick in the you know what.

For new clients, it's a great pathway to build on future fitness success and there is no better way to get started.

A body transformation isn't a weight loss contest, in fact, it's much more than something like The Biggest Loser. It's about taking your body and fitness to new levels with long-term success at the forefront.

And for those who rise to the top? I'm giving away over $1,500 in prizes to the top 3 transformations.

Our body transformation challenges always bring with them more than prizes.

The principles and knowledge you'll gain, will only lead to building a healthy lifestyle beyond the gym.

For one client, a weight loss goal might be important, for another it's about re-compositioning the body to build lean muscle while shedding body fat and not minding if they lose a few or gain a few pounds in the process.

Our last challenge, the 49-Day Body Transformation Challenge - Supercharged, consisted of over 110 participants and yielded some amazing transformation stories!

You can train in a large group, utilizing our Metabolic Group Coaching program or part take in Small Group Coaching or "the next step" as our clients have named it. Each entry will be provided with an individual "readiness" questionnaire that will score you and tell you which approach will lead to your ultimate success.

This Lean Eating approach is one of a kind for our area and I'm proud to offer it to our community. Each participant will be able to determine which approach best fits their personality and lifestyle.

Let's face it, we're all different, and need our own individual approach. Though, an individual approach will still be founded on our 5 Lean Eating principles, an increased understanding of nutritional knowledge and an increase in accountability, aside from our intense Metabolic Training program.

You can't out train a bad diet and I'm going to show you how to maximize your training with a sensible approach to nutrition.

Dial in your diet, maximize your training and watch your body transform.

It sounds almost too easy, and it really is easy and even easier to implement once you understand the principles for achieving success.

Let my team and I coach you through your body transformation. There isn't a perfect time and in fact for most people, they shy away from beginning new fitness goals because "it's the Summer."

Well, that might be the lamest excuse in the world.

In fact, that's like stating the following around the New Year, "well it's too cold outside, so I'll start when it's warmer."

We've put together some great options for our current clients as well as new and past clients to join us for an intense, challenging and life-changing 6-weeks.

Take a look below and let's get started, together.

If you have any questions, just fire me an email.

Get Better,

Tyler English

For more information on the 42-day summer slim down challenge, click the following link,