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Cameras to help deter crime in Waterbury


A new crime fighting tool was introduced in Waterbury on Monday and according to officials, a good portion of it is being funded by crime.

Police have had 15 cameras set up in high-traffic areas throughout the city. The cameras, which are being protected by small domes, will constantly record all movements.

"It'll serve as a two-fold purpose, not only as a deterrent, because people know the cameras are out there," said Acting Deputy Waterbury Police Chief Christopher Corbett. "But if we do have a crime occur, it'll help us in solving that crime."

Corbett told Eyewitness News that the cameras are a long time coming, and currently detectives rely on surveillance from private businesses. 

The only cameras they had in place were on the ramps by the police station garage.  

There are 14 of the 15 cameras are ready to go and all will go online in a few weeks.

When the system is running, the cameras will be fanned out across downtown Waterbury and paying close attention to it's busiest areas.

The project cost about $189,000 with $89,000 of that amount coming from crime. Waterbury saved cash and other valuables seized during investigations, now that money is back at work.

"We feel much safer now that they've installed those cameras," said Migdalia Quinones of Waterbury.

Even reformed criminals are confident the surveillance will be a deterrent for future crime, just like police are hoping.

"Anybody in their right mind who knows cameras are there and there's a possibility that they might be picked up from the camera, they won't do a crime there," said Ralph Andrews, who was previously convicted of narcotics possession. 

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