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Three children, driver injured after cars plow into daycare


Three children were injured when two vehicles crashed into a daycare, authorities said Tuesday afternoon. The driver who caused the crash was also injured, authorities said.

Two of the injured children were trapped underneath a Cadillac, a Kansas City Fire Department spokesman said.

Children's Mercy Hospital is treating the injured three children. The injuries range from "mild to moderate," a spokeswoman said. Further details weren't immediately available.

The parents of one of the injured children said 5-year-old Zyaire Davis suffered a hip fracture when he was struck by the car.

"He told me there was a car on top of him, and he was looking at the tires," his mother, Shayla Davis, said her son told her.

Zyaire is being kept overnight in the hospital. His mother praised daycare workers for their handling of the ordeal.

"I was very upset. I could hardly bring myself together. But I had to get down here to be with my daughter and my grandson," Zyaire's grandmother, Marquita Davis, said.

The 80-year-old driver who caused the chain-reaction crash was rushed to the hospital, authorities said. The extent of that man's injuries weren't immediately known,.

This occurred at 12:56 p.m. at Christian Academy Child Care, which is at 3611 E. 27th St.

A daycare employee said 39 kids were there at the time, and all are accounted for.

Children gathered at 27th Street and Askew Avenue. Some were visibly distraught and in tears.

"Just sad situation. My heart and prayers go out to families whose kids got hurt," said Curtis Sawyer, a parent of two children at the day care.

Information on how the crash occurred has evolved.

Bricks surrounded a gray passenger car, which had smashed into the building. The car hit the area where children take their naps.

The Cadillac was crushed. Behind the car was a black Range Rover SUV, which didn't entirely enter the building. The crash caused one utility pole to lean precariously.

Dozens of Kansas City firefighters rushed to the scene. Hydraulic equipment was used to lift debris and pull out the two trapped children. A Kansas City police officer who happened to be traveling nearby at the time of the crash helped pull children out.

One firefighter crawled up to a window in an effort to search the building. Firefighters used lumber and boards to shore up the front facade that was heavily damaged in the crash. Once firefighters determined that everyone had gotten out, the building was declared unsafe to enter.

Authorities now say the Cadillac was parked on 27th Street, when the Range Rover collided with it. The Cadillac was thrown into the building.

Initially, police said the driver of the silver car had fled the scene, but that proved not to be the case. The owner was not inside the vehicle at the time of the crash. When he came to the scene, the beleaguered man told KCTV5 that he had no idea how his vehicle wound up inside the daycare.

Police are working to determine what caused the 80-year-old man to lose control.

KCTV5's Chris Oberholtz and Dave Jordan contributed to this report.

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