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YouTube star in hot water with state over pet raccoon


A Gallatin man is in hot water with the state over his pet raccoon.

Videos of Mark "Coonrippy" Brown and his furry companion made him a YouTube star.

Brown, a resident of Sumner County, is a wildlife enthusiast.

He's a simple man with a big beard and a big love for the outdoors, especially raccoons.

He's also a YouTube celebrity, making the rounds on Jay Leno and several CNN shows.

In the age of Honey Boo Boo, Moonshiners and Duck Dynasty, you'd better believe a character like Brown is valuable.

Brown thinks that's why he's run afoul of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

The problem, as it states on several different TWRA web pages, it's illegal to take a raccoon out of the wild and keep it as a pet.

Brown has a comeback for that. He said he tried to get the TWRA to pick up his raccoon.

But 2 million or so YouTube hits later, the TWRA has come knocking.

Brown tried to get a permit as a wildlife rehabilitator. He said his years of experience, and video, backs up his claims.

People from all over the world are in Brown's corner.

Folks from Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and even locals are urging Gov. Bill Haslam to pardon him.

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