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One woman's payback against attempted scammer

Amy Wellman recorded herself having some fun on the phone with a scammer. Amy Wellman recorded herself having some fun on the phone with a scammer.

It's one of the oldest scams in the book.

You receive a call and are told you've won thousands of dollars. All you need to do is provide your bank account and routing numbers.

One Valley woman received such a call, and decided to have some fun with the scammer by recording and posting the entire conversation on YouTube.

A scammer claiming she was from the bogus U.S. Government Treasury Grant Department called 24-year-old Scottsdale resident Amy Wellman earlier this week with some great but false news: Wellman had just been given a grant for more than $8,000.

"How much did I win?" Wellman sarcastically asks on the YouTube video.

"OK, it's $8,400," responds the scammer.

"No way. It's so shocking! responds Wellman."

Wellman said she knew the call was a scam the second the caller asked her for personal information. Since she was bored, she decided to record the entire conversation.

"It was just so funny, I knew I had to turn on the camera," said Wellman in an interview with CBS 5 News.

The woman on the other end told Wellman she was from "the Washington D.C." and the money was in the form of a grant to start a business or payoff loans.

"(She said) we are from the Washington D.C. I'm like OK. I'll accept that and just move on. You know? Who says that?" said Wellman.

When asked for personal information, like where she worked and banked, Wellman got creative.

"Are you employed or unemployed?" asked the scammer.

"Well, I'm going to quit my job now that you're giving me all this money!" replied Wellman.

"The name of the bank was Piggy Bank. You got that?" Wellman continued.

The scammer did not appear to realize Wellman was being sarcastic in her responses. When the scammer asked for Wellman's banking account number, she simply made one up.

"Everyone wants to mess with the (scammers) because they're tired of getting called and messed with daily. I don't know. It's that sweet revenge type of story. You know, you have got to get one up on the big man trying to get you," said Wellman.

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