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New Britain hires company to remove geese from local park


City officials are working to tackle the problem of unwanted geese overrunning at parks in New Britain.

The population of Canada Geese has soared in Stanley Quarter Park over the last few years. City leaders said it's a public safety concern because of what the geese leave behind.

Families have feeding the geese and ducks for years they told Eyewitness News.

"It's part of the community," said Jennifer Gonzalez of New Britain. "We have gotten used to them being here."

By feeding the geese, it keeps them at Stanley Quarter Park all year long and the animals have made it their home. The animals have covered the grass and pond with feathers and poop.

"This is something contributing to the water quality problems," said New Britain Mayor Tim O'Brien. "We needed a solution for a long time."

The city wants them gone and they have hired Geese Relief, which is a Greenwich-based company. For an entire year, two border collies will be in a kayak in the water chasing the geese twice a day for seven days a week.

O'Brien said scaring the geese off is a humane way to get rid of them and if they aren't born in the park, they won't be coming back.

However, everyone is happy with the way they plan to do it.

"Clean it up, but don't get rid of the geese," said Anthony Sgro of New Britain.

Sgro said he likes geese aside from the poop.

"The geese are part of the park even though they do make a mess," Sgro said.

Some families won't be too happy with another plan of action. It's going to cost $58,000 to hire Geese Relief and those caught feeding the geese will be fined $100.

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