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Neighbors upset after reporting shooting in Hartford


The dramatic 911 calls were released Friday from the night neighbors on Linnmoore Street in Hartford called about a shooting.

Neighbors said they're upset with the way they were treated by the dispatcher and police said they didn't find a body until the next morning.

Around 10:30 p.m. Monday, several residents around Linnmoore Street said they reported hearing several gunshots and a car speeding off shortly after. A man's body was found in the yard of a home in the 300 block of Linnmoore Street the next morning.

In these recordings, listeners can tell neighbors were upset, frustrated and believing no one was listening to them.

Caller: "My name doesn't matter. I don't want to get my name involved."

Dispatch: "OK fine, goodbye."

Sources told Eyewitness News a Hartford 911 dispatcher could be disciplined after failing to verify the address of a shots fired call that became the Capital City's 13th homicide of 2013, and giving the caller quite a bit of attitude Monday night.

Police eventually ended up getting the right address Monday night and checked the area where the call came from on Linnmoore Street.

"The resident who lives at 39 Linnmoore heard nothing. She's at 323 Linnmoore, that's a big difference, we will move that way," conversation on the emergency call said.

The bullet-ridden body of 21-year-old Valentin Santos was found in a side yard by a homeowner, and her neighbor.

"There were shots fired around here last night. The police were here and I think there's a dead person in my yard," the resident stated in the emergency call to police on Tuesday morning.

The emergency call continued to state, "I called last night because there were gunshots fired in our neighborhood. There were police right here combing the street, and meanwhile not 20 feet away there was a man dying in my neighbor's yard."

Police said there is also an investigation into the response of the two officers who came out to Linnmoore Street Monday night.

The supervisor of Hartford's 911 Center was not available for comment Friday

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