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Ledyard police search for bottle bomb vandals


Ledyard police warned residents about people putting exploding bottles in neighborhood mailboxes as a prank.

Over the past week, police said several residents have reported vandalism, all involving bottles that are filled with various household and store-bought chemicals. 

The combination of chemicals inside the bottle causes a reaction that results in the bottle bursting because of the buildup of pressure, police said.

The vandals, who police believe are juveniles, took the bottles with a home-brewed concoction and stuffed them in people's mailboxes where they explode. Investigators said there have been at least four incidents reported in Ledyard as well as a case in Stonington and Groton.

At this time, the bottles found in Ledyard have only been responsible for property damage and no one has been injured, according to police.

"Due to the fact that there's a chemical reaction that causes the bottle to burst, there's more potential for injury," said Ledyard Police Sgt. Jeffrey McDermott.

Police said they are taking the acts of vandalism seriously and criminal charges will be pursued against those responsible.

Investigators said they believe that the suspects got the recipe for the concoction from the internet.

Residents told Eyewitness News that they are on alert after hearing the news.

"I'm worried. I have children at home," said Dalia Hudgins of Ledyard. "It is a concern for me, sometimes the children get the mail."

Police are asking residents who find any of the bottles not to handle them and to immediately call Troop E in Montville at 860-848-6500.

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