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New robot helps Valley Women with gynecological cancers


Women in Arizona now have a new weapon when fighting with ovarian and uterine cancer.

On Friday the state's first gynecological robotic surgery was performed in Glendale.

This new technology could mean that women with gynecological cancers will no longer have to take part in invasive surgeries.

Dr. Ivor Benjamin was hand-picked to be the first doctor in Arizona to use the Da Vinci robot at the Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale.

The robot is FDA approved to remove benign, non-cancerous conditions but Benjamin's ultimate goal is to do complex gynecological surgeries through just one incision.

"It just makes sense if you go from three or five incisions down to one incision there will probably be less pain. There will be less scarring," said Benjamin.

Plus, Benjamin says the robot is much more effective than operating by hand.

"Where you literally have an incision that's one inch and you try to put a whole bunch of tubes and long superficial instruments and hold them with your hand but you're banging into each other, you just can't get the perspective. The nice thing about the robot and the revolution here is it really takes care of the crossing of the instruments, it makes you triangulate the instruments," said Benjamin.

Benjamin performed two surgeries on Friday and CBS 5 News learned the patients went home within 24 hours of their surgeries.

Benjamin says this robotic surgery is covered by the majority of insurance plans.

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