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Downtown Tempe apts offer fewer parking spots for residents; the new normal


There's a shift going on in the way we live and get around and a Valley city is taking advantage of it.

Using a car to get around may one day become a thing of the past around downtown Tempe. New apartments and office buildings are being built for a different kind of commuter as large parking lots may become a thing of the past.         

Anyone who has been down to Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe knows that finding a parking spot can be a bear.

"We don't have a parking problem, we have a parking perception problem," said Downtown Tempe Community President Nancy Hornmann.

She says there are plenty of spaces available, but the city is starting to reduce the amount of spaces created in the downtown area going forward.

"There is not as much demand in a downtown area or next to a light-rail than there would be somewhere else," she said.

The Hub on Campus, the newest 19-floor student housing apartment near Mill Avenue opened its doors to students last week. It's taking advantage of that new market demand. The apartment community holds 637 bedrooms, but is only required by the city to provide 219 parking spaces.

"That's what I found out, and my mom was even like, 'We're paying all this and they only have limited spaces,'" said resident and ASU student Joe Gandara.

But Tempe officials say since the Hub is next to the light-rail it can take advantage of a newer urban development policy to limit parking spaces. New office buildings are doing that too.

"The benefits are less emissions in the air, less cars on the road," said Hornmann.

Even business owners near the Hub say they're not worried about a parking war going on between the residents and customers.

"We have a lot of skaters, we have a lot of bikers and we don't have a lot of drive up traffic," said Mad Hatter Brew Pub owner Justin Borchik.

The city says the market is what will drive this new way of getting around and that there are a lot spaces around - you just have to find them.

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